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At Elengorn Realtors Vallarta • Nayarit, we believe in giving back to the Banderas Bay community and have a long history of working with non-profit organizations in Puerto Vallarta. While choosing a charity to support is a very personal decision, we are often asked for referrals for reputable Puerto Vallarta charities. Here is a listing of some of the local altruistic organizations that are close to our heart and always in need of support.

How can you help in your community?

Thanks for clicking on the link! This means we are one step closer to getting you involved in just a few of Vallarta's charities and exciting drives to improve life for all of us here.

So, what can YOU do?

I have established a list of excellent, well managed and transparent groups that all need help in various ways. So, depending on the amount of time you have to give or the amount of funds or materials you want to donate, you can certainly find something compatible for your timeframe and wallet here.

My personal favorites are listed below (in no particular order):

Vallarta Food Bank

The board of directors of Vallarta Food Bank include Jimmy Plouff, Frankie Victoria Bañuelos Estrada and Francie Nguyen. They’re small business owners in Puerto Vallarta who want to lend a helping hand to our community. Each of them have experience with volunteer efforts: from delivering food and supplies after hurricanes, searching for missing children, working in soup kitchens, to building schools in small villages in Vietnam.

The food bank is working in connection with DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia), a government agency for under-privileged adults and children in the area. DIF had asked them to provide for 800 families in their registry for the next 6 months. In addition, they’re providing for 200 families within Vallarta and another 200 in the outskirt areas, which means there will be 1,200 families total under our care. They can not do this without people's support. See or contact 

Discapacitados Visuales de la Bahia A.C.

This special non-profit group offers free services to the blind and visually impaired of Puerto Vallarta. They give specialized assistance such as classes to learn brail, handicraft, music, psychological support groups and self reliance training. In addition, they offer specialized equipment to allow their members to be self sufficient and get around town without the need of assistance, building autonomy and independence. For more information contact: Cel: (322) 107 0047.

Horizonte De Paz A.C.

Is a well run, transparent non-profit organization that assists people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. With a high rate of addiction in low income areas in Vallarta, the work this group does is essential to improving the quality of life for many families, offering them moral, spiritual and psychological guidance through programs, specialist activities and a professionally run rehabilitation process.

Tel: 28 1 06 44


Impulso de Aguila A.C.

If you have items of furniture to donate and would like to see exactly where they go to and which families and/or local charities will benefit, then Impulso offers an excellent service. They can arrange to collect the items and then take them to the non profit thrift store in Coapinole that receives the items and sends them out to needy families first (for free) and any that are not immediately needed are put on sale at low prices to benefit low income families in the area who are not able to afford new items. The proceeds of these sales are used to benefit over 20 local charities that are affiliated with Impulso.

If you have items you would like to donate, please contact the administrator Cesar Sanchez via email at

Los Mangos Library

This wonderful non profit library is a superb institution that needs all of us to give it a helping hand. Please feel free to donate books in English and Spanish (if in readable condition) direct to the library. Also many exciting cultural events and theme nights are run here, such as film projections and fundraisers. For more information visit the website to see what events are coming up soon.

Pasitos de Luz (Mamas unidas por la Rehabilitacion de sus hijos A.C.)

If you have some spare time to help a great center that gives day care to severely disabled kids, this is your option! PDL is in desperate need of diapers (of all sizes as some kids have to use them for life), wet wipes, toilet rolls, talc, cleaning products, washing powder, milk formula, protein and vitamin supplements for kids and protein rich foods for cooking (meat, chicken, fish, beans, lentils etc). If you can donate any of these items or leave cash so they can purchase what they need or even pay the running costs of the facility (electric, water and gas does not come at discounted rates from the government for non profit organizations) every little helps. The center currently serves 110 children and has many more on the waiting list. For more information contact Jim Boland at or visit their website.