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Mexican agents foil a plot to smuggle Gaddafi’s son into Mexico

Written by  on January 02, 2012
Categorized as:  Mexico news.

The Huffington post reported this week that this September Mexican Special Agents quashed a plot to try to smuggle the late Libyan Dictator Gaddafi’s son, Al Saadi Gaddafi and three members of his family into Mexico. The late ruler’s son reportedly planned to enter the country under false names to gain access to the luxury vacation resort of Punta de Mita on the Pacific Coast. However, he never did make the journey to Mexico, remaining instead in Niger where he is still believed to be living.

The suspected team involved in the operation is said to be from Mexico, Canada and Denmark. It is alleged that these individuals flew to the exclusive Mexican coastal destination to purchase high profile properties and open bank accounts to aid the arrival of the former Libyan leader’s son.

And who wouldn’t wasn’t to seek refuge in Punta de Mita with its pristine beaches, private villas, sparkling swimming pools and five star hotels?