Versalles is the vibrate part of Puerto Vallarta with lots of shops, restaurants, bars, street food and markets. It's centrally located in the middle of Vallarta right on the main avenue and it is at a walking distance to the Camarones Beach and Los Tules Beach. Versalles is like a mini-downtown, it has the traditional Puerto Vallarta feel like the Romantic Zone but it's much more affordable. It's a great place for singles or couples looking for walkable lifestyle. One of the most appealling things about Versalles is the number of restaurants here, it's a foodies paradise. You can find evething from sit-down restaurants to tacos stands and tamales on the street corners. Francia is the main street in Versalles, you can find many restaurants here, as well as down beside streets. You can have plenty of fun exploring. If you want to live in Versalles there are plenty options: ROMA Condominiums with fabulous rooftop terrace with an infinity pool, sunbeds and BBQ and the panoramic view of the city and the mountains.
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