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The Start of the Holiday Season in Puerto Vallarta

Written by  on December 02, 2015
Categorized as:  Local Interest Stories.

December is so magical in Puerto Vallarta and the holiday season always begins with the traditional pilgrimages made to the Virgin of Guadalupe every year from December 1st to 12th through the streets of our charming city.

Each afternoon and into the evening, a different guild, school, business or group will make their way through the streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta towards the beautiful Our Lady of Guadalupe church.  They often carry handcrafted signs or ride on floats, or there are colorful costumes or matching outfits.  They will be singing along the way and dancers, firecrackers or other performances are happening along the route.

And, of course, the food!  It is a great time to experience Mexican street food at its best, with vendors lining the parade route and congregating in the Plaza las Armas, selling traditional favorites like pozole, tamales, tacos, corn, snacks and sweets.

It’s a wonderful start to the beginning of the holiday season and a beautiful part of the local culture that many foreign residents and visitors fall in love with and look forward to every year.  Be sure to make your own pilgrimage to downtown Puerto Vallarta to experience this special experience for yourself.